Our Philosophy


Early Learning Express is a progressive program built on the philosophy that children are instinctively curious, creative, and open-minded. Preschoolers are therefore naturally inclined to take great delight in their education. Utilizing the children's innate predisposition for learning, the curriculum focuses on readying students for success in school and in life by instilling a thirst for knowledge, respect (for self, others, and the environment), as well as independence, responsibility, motivation, and decision-making capabilities. The stimulating and nurturing environment of the classroom promotes confidence, granting the students the freedom to explore, to be creative, and to make discoveries organically.


Hands-on experimentation is also of paramount importance to the learning process for young children. Students at Early Learning Express participate in a wide variety of activities that maximize their natural strengths and abilities which encourages their intellectual development (including art, drama, music, games, construction, science, and storytelling.) Small class sizes allow the teachers to better facilitate the learning process and to actively guide the children through projects and choice making.   


The following is an outline of the key tenants in the Early Learning Express kindergarten readiness curriculum


Social and Thinking Skills:


Literacy skills:






History and Social Studies


Exhibit personal and social skills


Communicates effectively with adults and peers by




Physical and Motor Development


Weekly music lessons, French, and art projects also enrich the curriculum and encourage children to take on new challenges.